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Nine full featured products together in one integrated package.

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Point of Sale

Run unlimited registers, replenish inventory from the register, add promotional materials to your receipts, and more.

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Every business needs a good website. Capture your visitors' attention with flexible, easy-to-use site customization.

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Keep up with customers, reservations, and rewards, all from one place. Customers can manage accounts and payments without you lifting a finger.

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Don't worry, we'll read the fine print for you. CDS's products are entirely compliant with PCI standards, FBI and ATF regulations, and sales tax laws.

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Orders & Sales

Keep track of your all your sales, both in-store and online, from one easy location. And on top of that, you can monitor your subscriptions and manage your inventory orders.

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Automatically or manually reorder inventory from your desk or from a register, and track and receive items easily with integrated inventory management and sales.

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Know who's buying from you. CDS enables your customers to make accounts so you can track their orders, identify them in-store and online, and reward them for their loyalty.

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Reach more people, and keep customers coming back, with promotion management from CDS. We offer customizable email blasts, coupon placement, and more.

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Don't get lost in the data. View information regarding sales, inventory orders, suppliers, promotions, and more, all in easy-to-understand reports from CDS.

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