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Flight Deck Lite

Pared-down but still powerful. Integrated tools for eCommerce, Logbooks and more.

Simply powerful.

Flight Deck Lite gives you all the tools you need to run a successful eCommerce business.

  • A customizable, unique website that helps you promote even more sales.
  • Inventory and Ordering tools are directly linked to your online items and sales.
  • A fully electronic logbooks system to make staying compliant even easier.
  • Promotional features make it simple to run sales, feature items, and let all your customers know.
  • Detailed reports keep you informed about how your business is doing at all times
flight deck lite powerful
flight deck lite affordable

Simply affordable.

Our all-inclusive pricing means your monthly bill should never surprise you. You get all the Flight Deck Lite tools, plus support and any future system updates.

  • No hidden fees, contracts or add-ons. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a lot!
  • Cloud-based means you automatically get all new updates to the system included.
  • Everything is included and integrated, so you don't need to pay a third party to get the rest of your retail tools
  • There's no fee to get started. Just sign up and you're ready to start making sales!

What's Included

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Flexible, customizable website templates put you in control of what your customers see. Plus, your website is integrated with the rest of your retail tools.

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Manage your firearms inventory electronically for more powerful compliance, complete with e4473 forms and more.

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Orders & Sales

Keep track of your all your online sales from one place. And ordering is easy with intelligent purchase orders and auto-ordering.

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Inventory streams directly to your website from your on-hand items as well as your distributor warehouses. Inventory management tools help you keep track of all products.

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Use promotional tools to bring in even more sales. Email blasts, promo codes and gift cards keep your customers coming back.

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Your customers can make accounts so you can track their orders, identify them online, and reward them for their loyalty.

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Get detailed, easy to understand reporting on your sales, inventory orders, suppliers, promotions, and more to help you run your business even better.

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The Flight Deck Lite system has a lot to offer. See the complete set of features that come included.

Flight Deck Lite Pricing

Get all seven Flight Deck Lite tools, plus support and updates included for

$100 / mo.

*Price does not include hardware, payment processor, or optional training and setup.

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