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Accurate inventory and sales data, promotional tools and more. Take your supply chain up a notch.

Data = Intelligence

Accurate, in-depth data reports let you track item movement, margins, profit, and more, aggregated from hundreds of dealers in real time.

  • Real numbers for on-hand inventory by department
  • See how products are selling, where they're selling, and how much they're selling for.
  • Compare inventory received to your warehouse orders to know what items dealers are stocking.
  • See your item movement to dealers, and dealer item movement to their customers.
navigator intelligence
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Intelligence = Power

Use Navigator data to know what to sell, when to sell, and for how much.

  • Promo Packs are your direct handshake with the end consumer.
  • Use Navigator data to intelligently promote top items at the right time and the right price
  • Partnering with CDS dealers gives your promotions an even further reach!
  • Dealers plan ahead for your promos, order inventory in advance, and promote to their customers
  • Get reports back about the success of each promotion, including email and website clicks!

What's Included

Promo Packs

Multiply your power and increase your profitability with integrated Promo Packs.

Store Inventory

Current on-hand inventory levels compared with sales from hundreds of stores to get retail, margin and more for each of your UPCs.

Inventory Received

Which items are dealers buying, how much are they buying, and from where?

Store Sales

Compare real sales and item movement for each UPC, and see where items are being sold.

Warehouse Orders

See direct warehouse orders by UPC and the profit, margin and more for each.

Distributor Movement

Compare your item movement, cost and more for any given time period.

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