Flight Deck

The Flight Deck package comes with nine key tools included, fully integrated, and ready to help you take your selling potential up a notch.

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Point of Sale

point of sale
  • Unlimited registers

    Run as many registers as you want for no extra cost other than the hardware.
  • Secure Terminals

    Chip card terminals from the top firearms-friendly processors make your transactions secure at a great rate.
  • Payment Methods

    Cash, Credit Card, Gift Card, Check, Financing, Layaways and Warehouse Ordering, all available at checkout!
  • Inventory Management

    See how much of each item you have in stock, and order more inventory directly at POS for your store stock or for a customer.
  • Layaways

    Easily create and manage layaways and take payments.
  • Tax and Fees

    Add sales tax to any inbound out-of-state transfers. Add fees or discounts to any transactions.
  • Gift Cards

    Sell gift cards in-store or online, and accept gift cards as payment.
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  • Website Builder

    Build your own website template with custom content, landing page, images and more. Or, use one of over 50 pre-programmed templates.
  • Products

    Stream data from over 250,000 distributor products to your website, and add your own store products for even more sales.
  • Marketing

    Add marquee banners, featured products and best sellers to your website to promote the products you want customers to see.
  • Pricing

    Set separate sell prices for online and in-store products if you also use CDS POS.
  • Pages and Content

    Customizable content pages let you add your own policies, information, etc. and link your Google Calendar, Jotform, Mailchimp, and TawkTo accounts.
  • Range Integration

    Customers can buy range time, sign up for memberships, and fill out waivers right on your website.
  • Promotions

    Generate online promotional sales with email blasts, promo codes, gift cards, and customer wishlists.
  • Distributor Packs

    At the click of a button, auto-populate Marquee Banners and Featured Products based on distributor expert suggestion.
  • Auto Pilot

    Leave the guesswork of running your website to the experts. Our industry experts hand-select top selling products, departments, brands and more to feature on your website. Features change regularly so your website always looks fresh.
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  • Logbook Integration

    FFL Logbooks is fully integrated with the CDS dashboard to give our dealers all the features of the standalone FFL Office with the function the full CDS system has to offer.
  • Electronic Logbooks

    Securely stored logbook records are compliant and searchable to save you time and hassle.
  • Electronic 4473s

    4473s can be filled out completely electronically and even submitted electronically with an FBI LEEP site account.
  • Receiving Firearms

    Auto-complete product data fills out product information from distributors, making receiving even quicker.
  • Disposing Firearms

    Easily dispose serial numbers with saved customer info.
  • Audit Mode

    Audit all your on-hand inventory quicker than ever! Just scan serial numbers to add them to the audit, and filter audits by individual log books.
  • Go Paperless

    Completely paperless 4473 option is available with our ATF variance letter approval.
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  • Range Integration

    All range tools integrate with your POS, Website and dashboard.
  • Memberships

    Customers can sign up for range memberships and fill out waivers online. Memberships also come with automatic billing options.
  • Range Reservations

    Customers can reserve range time on your website or in your store.
  • Range Manager

    The Range Manager tool gives you real-time, lane-side control of reservations. Start, stop and move range times, add top products to orders at the lane, and more.
  • Range Calendar

    See complete usage history and manage upcoming range reservations from the dashboard range calendar.
  • Rentals

    Set up all your rental products and track them with each order.
  • Open Orders

    Save any POS cart as an open order to return to it later, add or remove products, and ring up when the customer is finished at the range.
  • Driver's Licenses

    Scan driver's licenses to add or search for customers.
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Orders & Sales

orders and sales
  • Purchase Orders

    Create purchase orders for any supplier. Intelligent purchase orders let you bulk order and batch receive.
  • Online Sales

    Track all your online sales in one place.
  • In-Store Sales

    Track all your in-store sales in one place.
  • Distributor Orders

    Submit orders directly to our top five distributors, Sports South, RSR, Lipsey's, and Zanders.
  • Order Integration

    Full integration with the rest of our products means that you'll never have to record the same orders and sales twice.
  • Automatic Ordering

    Set reorder points and auto order points to help you automatically maintain your in-store inventory when you run low.
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  • Ordering Inventory

    Review and order inventory easily from your desk, or at a Point of Sale register, even in the middle of a transaction.
  • Automatic Ordering

    Set up automatic inventory ordering for your most popular products so that you never run out.
  • Inventory Management

    Track item availability, print barcode tags, see order history for items and more.
  • Online Inventory

    Your website can stream items from both your stock and distributors. You control what sells online with product limits, departments, categories and more.
  • Profit

    Set prices and profits for items. You can charge different prices for in-store and online products as well.
  • Receive Inventory

    Receiving inventory is easy. Just scan the UPC and the product info will be automatically filled out. You can also batch receive items from purchase orders.
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  • Promo Packs

    Distributor promo packs give you access to industry expert promotional planning. With the click of a button your website is auto-filled with top items that you can order at special prices. Your customers get promo emails that link directly to your store for even more sales.
  • Email Blasts

    Build email blasts to send to your customers that link directly to products on your website. Add price overrides to items in your emails for special pricing, free shipping and more.
  • Receipt Promos

    Star Micronics receipt printers come with receipt promo capability. You can design coupons, surveys and more to keep your customers coming back in.
  • Gift Cards

    Sell and redeem gift cards in-store and online, or preload them to use as promotional tools.
  • Promo Codes

    Promo codes can be used online at checkout.
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  • Customer Accounts

    Customers can create accounts on your website to make ordering easier, sign up for memberships, create wishlists, and more.
  • Order History

    You can see you customers' order history to track what they order and how often, and reward their loyalty with promotions to keep them coming back.
  • Wishlists

    View customers' Wish Lists and Saved For Later lists to generate more sales.
  • Memberships

    If your store has memberships, customers can manage their subscriptions online and changes will automatically show up in your system.
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  • Received Inventory Report

    Receive Inventory Report helps you track your item movement even more efficiently.
  • Sales Report

    Sales reports for any date range you want, with filtering by In-Store or Online, Department, Manufacturer, etc.
  • Inventory Management Report

    Inventory reports show how many of an item you have on hand, what your recent profit from that item has been, and more.
  • Top 100 Report

    See the top selling items in the country by department to easily order what's selling.
  • Discount Report

    Track all discounts on sales.
  • Cashier Commission Report

    Track sales by cashier, along with tax, discounts, profits and more, to calculate commissions.
  • Inventory Change Log

    Monitor any changes to your stock to help with any inventory errors or potential loss prevention.

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