FFL Office

FFL Office has everything you need to manage your firearms records and stay compliant.

Electronic Logbooks

  • Compliance

    Staying compliant is even easier with our log books. Plus our cloud-based platform means if the rules ever change, you get updates right away.
  • Security

    We always use servers with top-rated security to store your data, giving you secure access to all your records.
  • Search

    Easily search your log book records by serial number, contact name, UPC and more to quickly find what you're looking for. Filter all your records by date, manufacturer, product type, on hand or disposed, new or used, and so much more.

Receive Firearms

  • Auto-Fill Data

    Receiving inventory into your logbooks is easy! Just scan the UPC and the product information is automatically filled out based on current distributor data feeds.
  • Suppliers

    You can access hundreds of suppliers in the system, or you can add you own. Supplier history is tracked for all sequence numbers so you can refer to it later.
  • Inventory

    Adding cost and pricing information to your items gives you reporting data based on movement, helping you keep track of your profits.

Electronic 4473s

electronic 4473s
  • Dealer Sections

    Fill out dealer sections of the 4473 form with helpful tools like customer lookup and serial number search. Forms update as you go so you can easily find where you left off and which forms need you attention.
  • Kiosk Mode

    Kiosk Mode keeps your system secure by locking the customer on their form only. You can set up any computer, laptop or tablet for your customers to fill out their sections.
  • E-Check

    4473s can be submitted electronically to the FBI LEEP site for background checks. FFL Office helps fill out the fields automatically and you can get back a response within seconds.
  • 3310 Forms

    You can also fill out 3310 forms electronically and download or print to send to the ATF. FFL Office helps you complete 3310s based on completed 4473 information.
  • Go Paperless

    Completely paperless 4473 option is available with our ATF variance letter approval.

Dispose Firearms

dispose firearms
  • Customers

    Save customer information to easily access when you are disposing firearms.
  • Auto-Fill

    Disposal records will auto-fill based on 4473 data.

Audit Mode

audit mode
  • Easy Scan

    Just scan serial numbers into the audit to add firearms to it. You will be able to see how many items you have audited and how many are left to be audited.
  • Filter

    You can choose to audit your entire inventory at once, or filter by the individual books you have set up.

Movement Reports

movement reports
  • Filter Reports

    Filter your reports by date, department, category, manufacturer, and more.
  • Inventory Info

    See quantities on hand and at suppliers, your cost and price, item movement, and your profit.

Distributor Orders

distributor orders
  • Direct Orders

    Place orders for inventory directly to your CDS integrated distributors.
  • Purchase Orders

    Create purchase orders for any supplier. Intelligent purchase orders let you bulk order and batch receive.
  • Automatic Ordering

    Set reorder points and auto order points to help you automatically maintain your in-store inventory when you run low.

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