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Beautiful templates hosted on our secure servers make your inventory and marketing message available to your customers around the clock.

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With Connected Data Solutions, your e-commerce website is a seamless extension of your actual store. Discover new possibilities for your brand, without all the hard work. We've done that part for you.

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Features included with Website Management

  • *NEW* COMING SOON! Website Template Builder -- build your own website template with custom content, landing page, images and more! Or, use one of over 50 pre-programmed templates. You're in command!
  • Select from over 715 marquee banners, or upload your own
  • Streaming data from over 250,000 products
  • Set separate sell prices for online and in-store products if you also use CDS POS
  • Control what your customers see with Featured Product options
  • Customizable content pages to add your own policies, information, etc.
  • Customers can buy range time and sign up for memberships right on your website with the CDS Flight Deck integrated range features
  • Generate online promotional sales with email blasts, promo codes, gift cards, and customer wishlists
  • Set Featured Collections, Featured Products and Suggested Items for your website to drive sales on your best products
  • Insight© available to dealers with an RSR account. At the click of a button, auto-populate Marquee Banners, Featured Collections, Suggested Items and Departments based on industry expert suggestion.

Get CDS Flight Deck


  • ⬣ Includes all nine Flight Deck products
  • ⬣ No Approved Financing Needed
  • ⬣ $0 Down, 0% Interest
  • ⬣ No Expensive Hardware Packages or Setup Fees

Check out the other integrated products included with Flight Deck:

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You can choose from a wide variety of our website templates, or create your own. Soon, you'll have the option to migrate to a fully customizable site using our new, easy-to-use website builder.

CDS's integrated e-commerce means that your website is more than just an advertisement for your business: it's a store as well!

Our servers are fully PCI compliant, which means that your customers can safely pay online without any fears about their or your security.

We're also always on, so your customers can satisfy those late-night cravings for your products without waiting for your stores to open.

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And of course, having an online store means access to a larger audience.

Your customers can create accounts, which allows them to sign up for memberships, place items on a wishlist, and much more, right from your site!

Your website will be fully integrated with all of the CDS products that you use. You'll be able to keep track of sales and inventory online just like in your store.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.