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Shooting Sports Store

From back office to front floor to ATF compliance, everything runs smoothly with a lot less work.

Jeff opened his shooting sports store five years ago and quickly built a thriving business through hard work and a focus on great customer service. People kept coming back to the store because they appreciated the friendly atmosphere and how Jeff's employees treated them.

But Jeff soon realized he had a problem. His cash registers were expensive and complicated, which meant that even with more training time for his cashiers, there were almost daily transaction errors. The receiving process required entering everything twice -- once for inventory and once for his log books. And Jeff's website was a completely separate system so getting his inventory online meant entering it yet again. All of this was costing time and money and slowly eroding capacity for customer service.

CDS is a set of nine full featured products that work seamlessly together in one low cost package. After our sales team showed Jeff how everything fit together and how easy it would be to start running his entire operation, he had only one question: Why doesn't it cost more?

"The system is working even better than what we were expecting," says Jeff, "and everything is going great so far! We’ve actually tripled our sales volume over our previous platform in our first month of being on the system."

Receiving inventory with CDS is a breeze. Just scan the box barcode to pull up product info from our database of 200,000+ SKUs currently in distributorship, or enter custom products. Scan or enter serial numbers at the same time to generate new log book entries. Enter cost-averaging and re-ordering preferences. As soon as items are received, they're available both at the cash register and online.

Selling with CDS is just as easy. Point of Sale is fully integrated with inventory and log books, and it uses state-of-the art chip card processors for credit card transactions. But it's not limited to on-hand inventory -- automatic fulfillment orders can be placed with dealer's distributors right at the cash register. And the electronic 4473 process virtually eliminates compliance mistakes by integrating directly for NICS checks.

Reports are powerful part of CDS. Daily cash reports, return on investment inventory calculations, cashier commissions, and inventory received history give business owners the tools they need to make smart decisions.

CDS is developed and maintained by people who want to see shooting sports store owners succeed. Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your store faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.