Point of Sale

Run unlimited registers, replenish inventory from your POS system, add promotional materials to your receipts, and more.

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With Connected Data Solutions' full featured, easy to use Point of Sale system, your in-person sales are now fully integrated with the rest of your business!

Our single flat rate allows you to run as many registers as you want, each of which can handle regular cash register functions as well as warehouse orders, lay-aways, returns, and fees.

You can use your POS registers to quickly view your on-hand or available distributor inventory for every product in your catalog, and order products directly from the cash register.

Keep track of your customers and memberships with integrated driver license scanning, using the same hardware you use to scan item barcodes.

Add store promotions to receipts with integrated printing.

If just selling in your store isn't enough, take it on the road! CDS Point of Sale also works on mobile devices: you can sell products with on-screen credit card signing and email receipts from anywhere with an internet connection, even without AC power.

Point of Sale is fully integrated with all our other products. Any change you make or item you sell will update on your website, inventory tracking, and more.

Our full featured, integrated tools can help you manage your business faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever.